Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tiles (Internal Colours)

Okay so often when you go to the display homes they have porcelin tiles. In our package it stated ceramic tiles. When I looked at the range of what we could choose from they looked pretty standard! So we chose to upgrade on these. Some tiles were only an upgrade on the installation as they were harder to install but the tile itself was included, some tiles cost extra for the supply and install. The tile on the left is an off-white porcelin tile and we chose a mist grey and natural white vanity from the formica range. The stone tile will act as a feature tile in the shower and in between the vanity and mirror. This will be for the main bathroom and powder room. The tiles on the right are for our ensuite. A black, silver and white linea feature tile will coordinate with these tiles and vanity colours. One thing I regret: I wanted to put a recess in the shower to put shampoos etc. in. I thought this was something to discuss in the tiling meeting so I never addressed it prior to that. When I got to the tiling meeting and requested it they said it was too late as it had to be done on the builder's plan that went to council (which was already approved). I could have had it done but would have had a redraw fee and a long wait through council...which I simply couldnt be bothered. So my tip for you is: if you want something address it at your tender meeting and your tender presenter will be able to let you know when the best time to bring it up is, that way you know before it's too late - like me :(

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