Thursday, September 23, 2010

Furnishing Decorating Ideas..twiddling my thumbs waiting for my slab!

Barton Lounge from Domayne. I like how the lumbar cushions match the tivoli dining chairs. This lounge is sooooo comfy, I don't think I would ever want to get up out of it!! I think it is comfy and casual. But something is telling me not to buy this lounge because of the colour and damage future kids will make!...Vegemite stains and crayons...hmmm?? Does that fabric protection stuff actually work??


  1. I'm liking the shape of that lounge! I'm not sure what anyone else's experience is, but the fabric protection - my Mum and Sister both had the same lounge (different colours) and bought them at the same time - One was treated, and the other wasn't - the one that was didn't stain, but it seemed to weaken the fabric, which lead to it tearing... just a thought - i'd do some research first xx

  2. hmmm..I would hate it to get stained and think to myself 'I wish I had of'....protected it.