Thursday, September 9, 2010

Choosing the House

Okay so picking your 'dream house' is ssoooo overwhelming! The first thing you have to sort out before you even look is your budget. It is also important to discuss certain things with your partner like "will babies be coming soon?". Because what we can afford now with two incomes is alot more than what we can afford with one. I made the mistake of looking at a house and falling in love with it only to sit down and discuss budgets and realise that it wasn't going to happen! I decided having a smaller house and having my hubby home on weekends to enjoy it was more important to me then having a formal dining and home theatre room. I also didn't want the pressure of having to go back to work any sooner than I was ready to. Make note that I do not have kids and I am not planning to yet - but these things definately need to be considered - let's face it our home won't be paid off by the time little feet are running around!
We took quite a while picking the right house and then decided on the Glenview by Claredon.

I originally had my heart set on the Cresthill - but came back to reality with the Glenview. We both decided on the Abbotsbury facade, we have both always liked the traditional style houses with the green hedges. I think we both fell in love with the house we had our first kiss at - I think that may have been an English Tudor style house? That is my girlfriends parents house and when her mother told us they were renovating I nearly cried. Anyway (going off on a tangent!)so although the facade we chose totally doesn't suit the coastal area we are in - we just had our hearts set on it. So oh well we are different!

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