Thursday, September 9, 2010

Buying The Land

Okay so here is our building far! (short version of course!)

So we got married in Nov 2008 and had just returned from our was bliss! We decided to duck up to QLD for a few days over the Australia Day period and we were sitting back on the balcony of our hotel room saying to ourselves "this is the life". We got chatting and both agreed that we were pretty over Sydney and we needed to do something about it. Over the weekend we browsed real estate windows but decided that QLD was just too far away from our families. We then thought back to a day we spent at the beach with our close friends (it was New Years Eve Day 2005 or 2006 maybe?) and we had an awesome day swimming and lazing at this beach my friend referred to as 'The Farms' and we were the only 4 people there. I recall my husband (boyfriend back then) said to me "how awesome is that beach, it would be so good if they built houses around here one day". So at the hotel in QLD we were discussing that day and how good it was. Later that day we took a stroll down caville ave in surfers paradise and we went into the internet cafe (outside Cocktails and Dreams) and googled "The Farms", and to our amazement they were actually selling blocks right near there. We discovered that there was one block left in Killalea Drive (which is the thoroughfare street to get to the beach) and we decided right there and then it had our name written on it. The next weekend we were back in Sydney so took a drive down to see it. We put a deposit on it that very week - Feb 2009. And our journey starts from there! Checlk this site for latest land releases and info on Shell Cove

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